The Quarantine Diaries: Quarantine is WEIRDD.

Hello friends - Camille here! Quarantine is still going strong, and I know it can be a little monotonous going through the day to day, so we wanted to introduce a new concept to the blog: weirdd. If you’ve never heard of weirdd, it stands for what we’ve been watching, eating, interested in, downloading, and doing! I thought this would be a fun way to swap some advice on how to pass the time, and I’d love to gather some new ideas in the comments below - so when you’re done reading be sure to tell us your own weirdd activities! 



Camille: OZARK! My boyfriend and I just started watching it two days ago and we’re almost through season 1 already. If you haven’t seen it - hop on the trend! I’m someone that dreads starting a new show; I’d rather rewatch something I’ve seen a thousand times for whatever reason, but this extra time has forced me out of my comfort zone and I’m glad it has! If you’re not in the mood for a huge commitment, the show I’ve most recently finished is Tiger King. You guys, it is hands down the CRAZIEST, most binge-worthy show I’ve EVER seen! 

Priscilla: We’re definitely on the Ozark train too, but just started season three - y’all, it’s CRAY & worth the watch! Like Camille, I also hate starting new shows - seems like such a hassle to find a good one, am I right?! I can highly recommend Shameless - which is easily my favorite show, EVER! But I can hardly call myself a true fan since we haven’t finished the last season yet - oops - that’ll be next! Handmaids Tale - have y’all seen it? We watched the first episode, but no further. Thoughts??


Camille: Smoothies have been my favorite thing to eat (drink) lately! All I use is one banana, a few frozen strawberries, and some orange juice and it’s so yummy! I have such a sweet tooth and this totally satisfies that, but without any added sugar so I can feel good about it. If you have a simple smoothie recipe of your own, you HAVE to share in the comments below! 

Priscilla: Literally everything. I need some social distancing from the fridge and pantry - anyone with me? I’m obsessed with ice cream & it’s been on my grocery list week to week. Anyone have any advice for an ice cream addict? ICAA (Ice Cream Addicts Anonymous) - is that a thing?? Please let me know I’m not alone!

Interested in: 

Camille: Interior Design! I’ve recently invested in a new mattress and new furniture, and I feel so inspired to create a nice space for myself now that we’re all spending so much time at home! Before this quarantine, I was someone who was really only in my room to sleep - so making those changes to create a relaxing and comfortable room has seriously made ALLL the difference in getting through this! 

Priscilla: Y’all, Camille is making me look REAL bad around here. This is a hard one for me. I wish I could say cleaning, but Lord knows that’s not true. I’ve been wanting to look for a new rug for my dining room - does that count for anything?! I’m one who gets stressed V easily & can‘t get anything done in the mean time. That’s where we’re at folks. Camille usually helps me with all that, but we can’t see each other right now ...


Camille: Netflix Party! You may have seen this going around social media - but basically it’s an extension for Google Chrome that allows you to sync your Netflix shows with your friends or family so you’re watching at the exact same time, and comes complete with a chat - so you guys can talk about what you’re seeing! This is how my boyfriend and I have been watching Ozark, and anything else on Netflix, and it makes it so much easier!

Priscilla: I’m embarrassed to say TikTok & House Party. We have also recently been introduced to a Disney+ & have been able to pick out movies to watch as a family each night - that’s fun! I’ve never really been a “movie person” so most are new to me! BONUS!


Camille: Spending time OUTSIDE! As I said, I’m used to being so busy and active that intentionally slowing down has been a challenge to say the least! Getting out on the sunny days has been such a source of happiness for me. I’ll lay in my hammock, sunbathe, read outside, take a walk, anything works! Enjoying the beautiful weather and that boost of Vitamin D has been so nice - and a tan makes everything better!

Priscilla: YES, outside! I love sitting on my front porch. Just something about the great outdoors that will totally boost your mood! If you’re feeling down, get outside, even if you just sit in the fresh air for a few minutes. I bet you’ll feel so much better afterwards! Also, we’ve been working on puzzles - it’s something great you can do as a family & to give you a MUCH NEEDED break from social media! Have you finished a puzzle yet? It’s ok, neither have we. I’m pretty sure we started with the hardest one we had. Oops!  


We hope you liked this new layout, and got a few new ideas on things you could to do to pass some time! Have you been doing any of these same things - or something totally different?! Share in the comments! I’d love to do a follow up on this post trying and reviewing some of you guy’s’s favorite things! 

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