The Quarantine Diaries: Capsule Wardrobes

Hello ladies - Camille here! Quarantine is well underway and we hope you’re all adjusting to our new “normal” as best you can! We know just how hard it can be to fill your day with positivity and productivity in times like this, so Priscilla and I thought it would be fun to create a series of blog posts for some welcome distractions! 

Today, we were finally able to get all of our new pieces hung up and it inspired us to create a capsule wardrobe out of some of our favorites. We picked out these pieces with mix-and-match-ability in mind, so we had to personally put their versatility to the test! 

Today, we grabbed for denim blues, whites, tans, and neutral, easy prints!

If you’re new to the minimalist movement, allow me to introduce you to capsule wardrobes! The idea is that your entire wardrobe revolves around strictly your favorite items and favorite colors. That’s the dream, right?! Ideally you’ll have a few items in each category, and they will all mix and match!

I’m not much of a minimalist myself, but I love this idea and I find it so helpful when packing for vacations or reorganizing my closet! We thought this would be a great way to introduce some of our new clothes, give you some outfit ideas, and maybe inspire you to look into creating your own capsule! 

Below are nine outfits we were able to create out of only these eight adorable pieces, two pairs of sandals we had laying around, and a headband - just for fun! 

What do you guys think?! All of these outfits are giving me major spring break feels! Which outfit is your favorite? What colors and prints would make up your capsule? Let us know in the comments below! 


  • I love the cheetah print shorts and the grey and stripped shirt

  • Love the blouse and pants. What is the inseam. I’m 5’8"? I take a L in the pj’s. I usually take a 13 in a shirt.

  • I like the last too outfits I could definitely add these to my capsule.

  • Yes, please! I desperately need someone to style me!! This is a great idea!

    Michael Ann

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