The Quarantine Diaries: Bucket Lists for Now & Later!

Hello ladies - Camille here! As time goes on, I think we’re all starting to feel a little lackluster about our daily routines. For myself, I’ve been putting a big effort on easy to-do’s, small simple pleasures, and fun things to look forward to in any capacity! With that being said, I wanted to put together a little bucket list of sorts for this strange period of time we’re all subject to. Something we can all look forward to now, and a few things we can look forward to afterward. We will get through this together!


  • Take a long, solo, nature walk! Distance and location optional. 
  • Learn a new skill. I’ve been attempting to learn how to do a split! I’ve seen things as simple as finding a new hairstyle, or as difficult as learning to do a backflip! Whatever you want to do, just stick with it! Practice makes perfect.
  • Take care of that around-the-house task that you’ve been meaning to do FOREVER! I have a lot of things that can fall into this category... whoops. I finally took the time to deep clean my car, and hang a few paintings that I’ve had on the floor for longer than I’d care to admit!
  • Try a new recipe. Anything with avocado has been my recent go-to! 
  • Give yourself a do-nothing day. I can’t convince myself to have these often, but when I do I go for the gold. Throwback Disney movies, snacks, PJ’s all day, and as many cozy blankets as I can manage! 
  • Plan something fun over FaceTime. This could be with your friends, relatives, or significant other. Find something that you can do separately and together via the magic of FT! Something fun like painting or drawing, watching a show together, or just having a nice long talk could probably do everyone some good! 
  • Check up on your peeps! Send a quick text to some old coworkers or relatives that you haven’t had the chance to chat with and see how they’re doing. Everyone’s processing this time differently and such a simple action could make their day!
  • Treat yourself to an online shopping spree at your favorite small businesses! It’s no secret that this has been an extremely difficult for any and all locally-owned shops out there, so support as much as you can! 
  • Commit to an act of kindness every day! I saved the best for last in my opinion. This is something I’ve been working on that has totally made my days that much sweeter! This could be picking up a piece of litter you stumble across, offering to pick up groceries for a neighbor, helping a stranger, the options are endless! I find that the more I’m looking for an opportunity to do an act of kindness, the more opportunities seem to present themselves!


  • Go to your favorite restaurant and order whatever the heck you want! Apps, drinks, AND dessert! 
  • Host or attend a get-together and hug your friends and family! Finally!
  • Enjoy that first day back to work and catching up with all your coworkers face to face! Hearing their voices and seeing some fresh smiling faces will be sure to brighten your day!
  • Have a date night! Even if you’ve been quarantined with your hubby for months and the last thing you think you need is more time together, you both deserve to put in some effort, get all dressed up, and enjoy each other’s company outside of the house doing something fun!   
  • Take the kids to do that thing they’ve been begging to do! Mom’s you’ve got this one. I’m willing to bet the little ones have had something in mind that they just can’t wait to do again when all this is said and done! Playground at the park, anyone?
  • Road trip, day trip, or vacation! No matter what you can swing, go on that adventure! That’s what we’re all looking forward to, right?! 
How do our lists stack up?! Will you guys be attempting anything on this list? Or do you guys have a totally different list of things you’re trying to do?! Let me hear all about it in the comments below!

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