Price Match, Free Tanks, and a General Hello!

HELLO, friends - Camille here! Long time no blog post! We weren’t sure that the blog was a big hit, so we kind of put it on the back burner, but if you enjoy reading our blog please let us know! I’ve always loved writing but consistent writing is definitely not my strong suit.

Anyways, I’m back today because we have put a few fun changes in place and I’m just dying to share them more in detail! The first thing I’m VERY excited to announce is a Price Match Policy! We’ve been attempting to spread the word around social media but I’ll be able to explain better here. Basically, if you stumble across any of the exact same products that we sell at a different boutique, and they’re selling it for a lower price, we want to match their price for you! Of course if the other boutique had a sale, clearance, or any kind of discount that wouldn’t count, however that’s really the only stipulation! Priscilla and I work as hard as we can to ensure that we give you guys the BEST deal possible so we’re putting our money where our mouth is! In our research, we’ve seen other boutiques price our same clothing anywhere from $5-$15 higher than we do. If you get lucky and find a lower price on a piece you’ve been loving, just send us over the link to the item and we’ll get you that price! YAY!

Secondly, for the ENTIRE month of June we have a fun new offer! Any time you spend $75 or over (before tax and shipping!), we will send you a FREE logo tank top in your size and a surprise color! These logo tanks have been our ultimate go-to this summer, so we thought it’d be the perfect gift! We wear them with biker shorts, running shorts, over bathing suits, you name it - it’s seriously PERFECT for those days you just wanna have something to throw on and go! We can’t wait to see you all rocking your CB all summer long! 

For those of you who have read all the way through, THANK YOU! We appreciate you so much, so just for the blog readers - use code Blog15 for 15% off! 😘

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